T H E   C U L T U R E
THAT MAGIC IN A CUPPA – As the steam rises from the cup of coffee I was pulled into experiencing one of the most energizing Creative Communication Studio you’ll ever find elsewhere. (As an entrepreneur I’ve seen many of their kind).Housing communication conjurors, word wizards and design druids – this place is real yet magical in essence. With the magic wand of Creativity; endless cups of coffee are produced to keep their brains stimulated. Juggling the art of design with the science of advertising; their caffeinated meetings are always rewarding. On a parting shot, you’ll definitely make up your mind to come back to soak into their culture of immersive creativity. (The experiences put up here are those of an Entrepreneurship Evangelist regarding her experience at BRIM Studio)The less we say about ourselves the better – we let others do the talking while like elves we keep producing creatives that are balanced with that subtle hint of magic in them.Step in and you are sure to get goose bumps watching us at work. You’ll catch any of us with menacing concentration on the computer, designing and picking out all the imperfections while we work up our way to making your brand perfectly in sync with the craft of the advertising. While we work hard to squeeze out every ounce of creative juices; we also de-stress ourselves in innovative ways that refreshes, refuels and recharges us. (And that includes loads of coffee too!)