Gopin Gam

Gopin Gam is a well-known locality located in Surat City in Gujarat, India. The area is known for its vibrant culture and tradition, depicted beautifully in the hoarding designs and banners created by BRIM Marketing Agency put up across the city. The hoarding designs for Gopin Gam, created by the creative team at Bright Impressions, very [...]



Home can be defined in many ways. But how do we define home in a way that everyone can resonate with the definition? Luxury has several names and one of them is home. Hence, BRIM took up the challenge to define a feeling with which everyone can relate. Initially, we explored the many [...]


Aaryan Ambience

Combining architectural science with the psychology of colors may be easy for the architects to implement but will the layman understand? That was the challenge thrown in for the BRIM Team for the Aaryan Ambience project. The idea was to make it simple enough so as to not to make the buyers think that this is [...]



What if you were told to double up your efforts in a project that’s similar to the first one and yet so distinctively different? Putting a premium on minimalist appeal in the font but rich in color tints, BRIM came up with the concept of ‘Spotlight’ content. If you notice the hoardings [...]



THE CBD The CBD comes with a wave of enveloping everything. Be it fun or business - a central address is always a big draw. Located right in middle of both Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad Connectivity road, this project had lots to tell. BRIM Team had the challenge of putting a spotlight on [...]


Radhe Infinity

Outstanding is the word that we use for mesmerising design and detailing in spaces. That’s the core concept for Radhe Infinity too. The BRIM Team came up with the usage of “Outstanding” so as to apply the design for both commercial and residential space. The twin advantages have been taken up really well in [...]



The real estate industry is more customer-centric than before. This brings into focus the ways to get customer’s attention to call - to - action (CTA) With Pratishtha72 the BRIM Team was made clearly to think of the customer demographics and design accordingly. Looking into this aspect, the BRIM Team got three aspects into [...]



The layered ways in which luxury can appeal to the people has been extrapolated by BRIM Team effectively with symbolic representation, appeal to popular authority and status symbol adaptation. We used the combination of: OHM Print media Digital media including social media The first stage of the [...]