The show may be for two days but the story will go on!

The Times of India is organizing a Real Estate Expo 2020 that shall be unique in a number of ways. BRIM is the creative partner for this mega event. This Creative partnership isn’t just about talking about buildings, building materials and design. It is also about associating the world of art and creators with communicative creatives that form a good part of branding and marketing efforts for the real estate industry.

Having worked with numerous real estate businesses, BRIM Team understands how the targeted communication and creatives work in the real estate segment in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

Every real estate business is confronted with these fundamental questions:

– The identity of a property – what does it stand for as a collective business?
– The capacity to defy routines and increase customer conviction – what are the ways to achieve this?
– The capacity to develop more social interactions and social learning, which triggers brand’s outreach – what are the touch points for these opportunities?

The Creative Partnership that we are talking about is about the strong point of BRIM having successfully campaigned for B2B real estate clients and thereby helping them to achieve B2C traction’. “Creative partnership” of BRIM with The Times of India for the Times Real Estate Expo 2020 on the 22-23 February provides the following benefits for the real estate participants in the expo.
A few are:

benefits for the real estate participants in the expo

With the creative value addition that BRIM provides to your brand, you can be assured of the benefit of thousands of footfalls, direct and impactful ways of presenting your properties, business enterprise and umbrella of services and the promotional backing of one of the leading media houses of India.
So why not grab this opportunity and get people to notice and interact with you?