To be in ‘Vogue’ has to mean something.
It’s an endorsement. It’s a validation.

– Anna Wintour

Celebrity endorsements are a universal phenomenon. Talking about India especially, it is the driving force in the products as well as sports sectors. Looking specifically into the real estate, famous personalities, especially the actors are roped in the metro cities to vouch for the construction companies’ branded residential/commercial projects.

Things are changing in small towns and tier-II cities. Ahmedabad recently boosted of having celebrity endorsement through BRIM – an advertising and branding agency in Ahmedabad that got down to the brass tacks and hinges to get the whole thing working smoothly – for Cloud9 branding starring Actor Yash Soni (of ‘Chal Jeevi Laiye’ fame) . This is how they got into the perfect actionable outcome.

Firstly, with a few meetings with the client, it was plainly realised that such a grand luxurious residential project of Cloud9 needed something that stood close to their brand name too. Here, the Perceived Celebrity Endorsement (PCE) aspect was identified. Closely in heels to this, an opportunity arose that made it a greatly appealing way to connect Cloud9 as a brand to masses. The opportunity was “Aayo Re” song with the inherent theme of family and emotions. It blended well with the impact that Cloud9 wanted to evoke.

Aayo Re” song was conceptualized and shot at Cloud9 who were the venue partner. (It was shot at their ready sample house). Due justice of emotions was done by the actors, especially Yash Soni. The song went on to be a superhit Gujarati song raking more than 2M views, likes and shares. Relatedness, empathy and the tonal connection was made with this amazingly rendered song. The mood being upbeat, more areas of emotional connectivity were explored. What started as a venue partnership for a song went on to become a great branding concept for Cloud9. Instead of focusing on one or two rooms, the whole house was explored in yet another video song of “Aayo Re” (acting by Yash Soni and Kinjal Rajpriya and sung by Kushal Chokshi)that evoked the feelings of NRIs in terms of their feeling of rootedness at Cloud9, family ties and family bonding. “I wish” was the central theme throughout the whole song and it is also successfully running on YouTube and other social media channels of Cloud9.


Since the major focus of Cloud9 was in creating a positive brand attitude with greater purchase intentions, this project not only was a major real estate celebrity endorsement and branding project in Ahmedabad but also the first one in the city spearheaded by BRIM, an independent advertising agency.

Making the entire brand story with the theme of family and emotions through various content and output channels like video, social media, hoardings, banners and more – Brimmers were successful in validating the celebrity endorsement of Yash Soni by catching on to the customer’s emotional investment by relating to the brand attitude of relatedness and luxury fused into one project – Cloud9.