Elite magnum hoarding

When your business is headed elsewhere either in upgrade or expansion mode – BRIM matches your requirements with a commercial property that’s just looking to have you.

BRIM Team doesn’t just sit down and think of marketing. We do a lot of matching with the requirements of the clients and the demographics they’re looking to cater to. Naturally, when it came to ELITE MAGNUM, the client made it clear what kind of business the commercial space was built for. This was the easy part. The hard part was communicating the same context to the prospective buyers. After ample brainstorming, we hit GOLD! And how?

All the marketing collateral were created with the concept that had this at the core:
Running out of space? In an area that’s near your home or current business space? Need an upgrade? It might be time to move your business to an elite location. 

Elite magnum templet mockup

And the concept of “AB APNA TIME AAYEGA” filtered into the buyer’s psyche (especially considering the location) with a touch of “desi” line.

Elite magnum outdoor creative
Elite magnum mockup
Elite magnum hoarding
Elite magnum hoarding
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