Festivals and occasions are great ways to connect and the major benefit is that the digital world has also lessened the distance. With the wishes and festival information at the fingertips, we have become more aware of the various festivals/days and what they mean to every one of us.

There is a flip side. There is a ‘jungle’ of content that’s too much for people to accept. That’s when you realise that people are not reading your whatsapp, social media posts or messages on these festive days. What is keeping them from not seeing or not replying?

Bombardment! The bombardment and the information flow to too much on these days especially with competitiveness and short memory space of the people. So if you see family members and friends swiping or scrolling the social media pages without any interest, you have to step in your marketing and branding mode to realise that others too would be doing the same and how can you make them stop and look.


The most important step here is to realise that images with quotes and wishes are boring and passe. Everybody does that and no one is bothered to read anyone else’s wishes. So the only thing happening during such days is that the digital stratosphere is full of wishes which people send to each other but aren’t bothered to read other’s wishes at all.

So the point here is how to make people actually take some action when you post on such days?

  • The original or unique content always wins. Think of what your company/brand/product is about and how it is useful to people.
  • Build your story wisely. Storytelling is the new buzzword these days. Simple albeit a powerful message is the way to make people remember it.
  • The emotional connect is the prime reason people buy. Let your posts connect to people’s emotions.
  • Social initiatives are a great pull for people. When people see that the post highlights a worthy cause and ‘action’ too is taken towards it, it propels people to actually act and do something.

Meaningfully aligning the content and design with the ideas; any occasions post becomes effective for brand’s growth. BRIM ( www.brim.co.in) believes that the great combination of creativity and conceptually driven designs to efficiently and effectively give your brand a great leverage during festive times.