Uprising of Real Estate Development in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad and nearby areas are experiencing a boom in real estate development to meet the rising population and cater to the investor-led real estate industry. The project needed a relevant marketing strategy with the advent of several residential properties with plentiful amenities. The residential project needed to stand out amongst the countless other developments. A unique strategy for the unique project. Unique Luxuria is a deluxe 3 BHK apartment building and shops real estate project in Gota. The commodious apartments are accompanied by a bunch of modern amenities for the desired elevated lifestyle.

BRIM the branding and advertising agency in Ahmedabad has been working for more than 20 years.

The Conception of ‘DP Nahi Ghar Badlo’

The ideation behind the campaign had to capture the public’s curiosity and instantly catch on like a phenomenon. The residential project was considered home upgradation in terms of lifestyle and location for individuals residing in central or old Ahmedabad.

The creative team at BRIM brainstormed several ideas and concepts before developing the brand strategy. The strategy was prepared centring around the project’s contemporary architecture and infrastructure and the recent Gen-X obsession with social media, specifically WhatsApp. This led to the creation of the iconic ‘DP Nahi Ghar Badlo’.

Employing a Cult-tural marketing strategy the campaign was released in two parts on different mediums. The teaser campaign video shows a married couple in different scenarios throughout the day the husband’s obsession with clicking and updating selfies on WhatsApp and the wife at her extreme vexation. The videos were everyday household scenarios that the husband gets excited about capturing like scenes after bidding goodbye to guests after a house party, catching up on morning news the husband capturing the morning breakfast and newspaper and the wife sharing knitting achievements with the husband ready with the front camera.

Assessing. Strategizing. Implementing. Winning Hearts.

Bringing forth the idea of focusing on long-term goals with the tagline “DP Nahi Ghar Badlo” instead of menial social media updates. The objective was to communicate the often-overlooked condition of the residencies; Unique Luxuria being the obvious answer. The advertisement suggested a point of view shift change from ‘finding happiness in the little things and focusing on achieving greater milestones.

The reveal tagline “Wow!! Naya Ghar Naya DP” communicated validation for the upgrade. The upgrade gave a better backdrop for selfies and beyond everything a better lifestyle.

Implementation of ideas

The creative branding agency developed a bespoke brand strategy including a digital and print campaign. The digital campaign included organic and paid campaigns for the reveal and teaser. The campaign covered different digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google. The ads covered regions in and around Ahmedabad.

For the print the creative branding agency provided designs and print services for products like the brochure, stationary, on-site boards, outdoor hoardings, newspaper advertisement, site office graphics and the photoshoot and video shoot for the teaser and reveal.



This is the story ‘Naya Ghar Naya DP’, how a tagline from a brand strategy for Unique Luxuria became an iconic campaign as BRIM, branding and advertising agency managed to make a mark in Ahmedabad.